Perfect score on city wide musical aptitude test; parents called in for consultation recommending Chip start music lessons. Not knowing what instrument to choose…the accordion is selected. Lessons begin.


Beatles come to America. Chip is not allowed to watch television performances, but buys the records and is swept up by the music. Stops taking accordion and during a Jr. High School Music Recognition Meeting sees percussion equipment in corner and informs parents that drums are what he really wants to study. Begins drum lessons with Mr. Ray Mann.


While in 5th and 6th grade, begins playing with Jr. High School orchestra on snare drum. For 12th Birthday, receives first drum set (Slingerland - Marine White Pearl). Joins first band called "The Apaches" consisting of three guitar players and drums (no bass).


Joins better band called "Little Kings" playing local church and school dances.


Joins even better band called "The Huns". During a summer break, Dad calls Chip inside to see a TV show featuring "The Buddy Rich Big Band". Chip is overwhelmed at the technical skill and exciting sound of the horns. Buys up all Buddy Rich releases and begins playing along with the records using headphones. It was this exposure to jazz drumming mixed with the early rock influences that started shaping Chip’s drumming style. A new band is formed in Rockford called "Toast and Jam". In this band, Chip plays with Craig Myers (Lead Guitar) and Tom Peterson (Bass) who would collectively move into "FUSE". Another top band in Rockford was "The Grim Reapers" headed up by Rick Nielsen with Joe Sundberg on vocals. With the emergence of "Toast and Jam" becoming the most talented band in the area, Rick Nielsen proposed the merging of both bands into what was to be called "FUSE". This new band consisted of Rick Nielsen playing keyboards and guitar, Joe Sundberg on vocals, Tom Peterson on bass, Craig Myers on lead guitar and Chip Greenman on drums. Rehearsal began with a mix of British copies and original music mostly written by Nielsen with input from the other members. Chip’s parents had a 20x 20 square foot room built on the house for the band to rehearse. Interesting enough within these confines, both Rick and Craig were playing through double stacks of 100 watt Sound City amplifiers and Tom playing through two 200 watt Ampegs. The PA was a Sunn Studio which pointed back at the band. Neighbors living three houses down and across the street said they could hear the band as if we were in their living room.


Chip is now playing in the Guilford High School Band and Orchestra, plus performing throughout the Midwest with FUSE. As Chip’s hair grew longer, so did the tension between himself and the Band Director. Chip was finally asked to leave the band and orchestra over the hair issue and given failing grades for both. That would be overturned later in the semester. FUSE, however became a musical force to be reckoned with. Band manager Ken Adamany was trying to get the interest of record companies. A single is recorded on Smack Records with the tunes "Hound Dog" and "Crusin for Burgers".


The band plays in Chicago and is signed by EPIC Records. Epic executives rush the band into Columbia Studios in the fall and in a matter of a few weeks the album is recorded. The producer of the album is Jackie Mills who is celebrating the #1 hit he has with one of his other artist Bobby Sherman. During the recording sessions, Chip celebrates his 17th birthday with KFC and cupcakes. Throughout the recording sessions, Chip is going to school during the day and driving into Chicago after school and recording into the morning hours during the week.