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Contact Information

General Information

105 Jesse Hall
Columbia, MO 65211
ձDzԱ:(573) 882-2011
Email: president@umsystem.edu

Additional Information

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John Middleton, DVM, PhD, DACVIM

Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs & Chief of Staff

Janet Waibel

Executive Assistant to the President

Jenna Roy

Senior Executive Assistant and University Events Liaison

  • Address: 105 Jesse Hall, Columbia, MO 65211
  • ձDzԱ:(573) 882-1288
  • Email: royjm@missouri.edu
    Brandyce Gordon

    Senior Special Events Coordinator

      For a complete list of UM System leadership, access the organizational chart (PDF, 47KB) for more information.

      Media Inquiries

      Christian Basi

      Speaking Request

      Thank you for your interest in inviting UM System President and MU Chancellor Mun Y. Choi to participate in your event. Our office strives to accommodate as many requests as possible, however all requests are subject to availability. We will do our best to respond to your request within 7 business days.

      To make your request, please email or call Janet Waibel, executive assistant to the president and chancellor at waibelj@umsystem.edu or (573) 882-4026.

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